Saturday, September 30, 2006

Greetings! A FO EZ!

Greetings on this dreary SW PA Saturday early afternoon!

I'm Nancy, near Pittsburgh, PA. I have just finished my EZ Fair Isle Yoke sweater and took a picture of it yesterday during one of the few sunny moments! I knit it on circular 4's and 6's in KnitPicks merino that I picked last year when I won their monthly drawing! (I just couldn't believe I had won it!)

Reading along on this blog has been so very much fun! Now, I get to participate!

Nancy J

The Obligatory Intro post *G*

Hello, all. I thought I'd say a quick "Hi" and Thanks for setting up this KAL.

I have knit several EZ projects in the past

A shawl/christening blanket from the Knitter's Almanac p 21

Two EPS ski sweaters knit from my own handspun (yes, even the white). The front one is a Round Yoke taken pretty much verbatim from the one in the Knitting Workshop "Lesson One". I just subbed out a simpler colorwork to show off the exotic fibers (there's camel, alpaca, tussah silk and natural dark wool in there. The back one is a raglan sleeve from Jacqueline Fee's Knitter's Workshop which is largely derivative (with EZ's blessings).

Missing in action because the Marine!Goth loved them to bits when he was a baby:
A play/changing pad based on the double knit baby blanket, a Totem Jacket, a Surprise Baby Jacket.

Like many of you, I learned to knit as a child of about 7. Dropped it after the Girl Scout badge, despite my mom being an avid knitter. Picked it up again in college along with spinning and weaving (the ski sweaters are that vintage). I knit quite a bit up until about 10 years ago. At that point, I got very interested in needlework (reproduction and modern samplers and pictorials). After being away from knitting for about 10 years, I've picked it up again recently.

For this KAL, I think I'm going to do one of the Norgi sweaters from the Workshop, probably the Aspen one. I have a cone and a half of Harrisville Shetland jumper weight in a black with brown undertones. I'm thinking a pale gold or gold/brown would knit up very nice with that.

I'm going to the NSYLS tomorrow for Knit Group, so swatching will ensue shortly.

Three and One, revised


I've started a revised version of EZ's Three and One sweater, using handspun wool in four shades.

Here's a picture.

I've posted more construction details on my blog, so I won't take up space repeating them here.



Friday, September 29, 2006

hi all, I too have been touched by EZ

i am very happy to be a part of this! I too am very very excited ! EZ , you make knitting seem so EZ !! thank you for passing on the flames of this torch !

she died on my B-day .11-30
..She lives on !
knit on !

Teeny Tiny Tomten

First, I want to thank you all for your kind words on Bunny's Tomten! It was so much fun to make. I had a few questions on it, so I thought I would answer them here. I used worsted weight Encore from Plymouth- it's mashine washable, which is nice for a toddler's jacket! I worked it on size 8 Addis, and it came out at just the right size for her. I did shorten the sleeves a little bit, but other than that, I followed the pattern exactly. I think that the Tomten has also been called the "Modular Jacket" and if you adjust the yarn and needle size, it can be made to fit anyone! EZ magic. I used the pattern in Opinionated Knitter, but I think that it is also included in Knitting Without Tears.

This picture is of the matching Tomten I'm making for Bunny's little sister Birdie, who is due in January. By making it in Baby Ull on size 3 Addis, it shrinks right down to newborn size! Wow. Baby Ull is washable, too. Fantastic!

As always, you can see more Bunny, Tomtens, and knitting at our blog, Such Small Hands.

Baby sweater, begun

Here's the yoke for the Knitter’s Almanac Baby Sweater; the curve that the increases create is a beautiful thing. Next up: starting the lace pattern. The yarn is Jaeger Extra Fine Merino Aran, on size US 4 / 3.5 mm needles, shade 543 ("Persian"). More here -- Kelly.

Epaulet Sweater

Has anyone made the Epaulet Sweater? My pattern comes from an old issue of Handwoven Magazine, and it is offered for a handspun gauge. Titled "Expostition of the Epaulet Sweater" EZ describes it as made from the neck down, in one piece, the only seams at the sleeve underarms. And it is reversible, with buttons sewn on outside and inside. Garter stitch naturally. This design was also published in Wool Gathering.

Well, I have been working on this sweater using the Dear Blind Follower, Here We Go instructions and I am stuck. If anyone has worked on this design, please give me a shout.


I'm hoping that all this talk here at the Zimmermania KAL will help motivate me to finish the border on my Pi Shawl.

But I'm afraid instead I may just get a whole new set of things I seriously need to knit.... You folks are doing some beautiful work, and you're constantly reminding me that EZ was a creative genius!

The Purloined Letter

Christmas Fiddle-Faddle!

Would you think of something like that on a camping trip?
You have to be careful when knitting the tree and the star, blink once and you are done - that fast! What a fun knit,

Moccasin Socks

I'm planning to knit the Moccasin Socks for my first project. I intend to spin the yarn for the top from some lovely Hello Yarn fiber and the bottom from some gorgeous Black Bunny Fiber. This idea coming from pair knit by Adrian.

This should get me in the spirit for
Socktoberfest as well!


I'm hoping that all this talk here at the Zimmermania KAL will help motivate me to finish the border on my Pi Shawl.

But I'm afraid instead I may just get a whole new set of things I seriously need to knit.... You folks are doing some beautiful work, and you're constantly reminding me that EZ was a creative genius!

The Purloined Letter


When I originally signed up for Zimmermania, I immediately thought I'd do the Baby Surprise sweater. But I'm in the process of finishing up a baby sweater now and I need a break. So now I'm trying to think of what to knit. The snail hat is very cool and would be fun to make for the boys. Any other good hat suggestions? Mittens? Pattern ideas for a busy mom who already has way too much on the needles?

Tomten and a Seamless Yoke Sweater

Hi! I am loving seeing everyone's projects here; I have been an EZ fan ever since I read Knitting Without Tears - which I ordered purely because of the title - but I have only knit a couple of her designs. Here is my recently finished (except for the zipper) Tomten jacket:

As you can tell, my daughter was thrilled to have her picture taken!

I have also recently started a Seamless Yoke Sweater. The lighting is bad and it's dark grey so it's not a great picture, but so you get the idea:

The yoke is going to have blue, pink, and cream patterns and I'm going to steek it because I prefer cardigans. I started this once before and had to rip it because I had serious gauge problems and the size was all wrong.

New Member

Greetings Zimmermaniacs! I am thrilled to be part of a blog devoted to the unventions of Elizabeth and her daughter, Meg. How proud EZ would undoubtedly be of this blog.

My name is Jeannine Bakriges and EZ changed my life - no doubt about it. EZ is why I do what I do as a career and lifestyle. I am a writer and instructor in hand spinning, natural dyeing and hand knitting. EVERYTHING I create in knitting is influenced by EZ and Meg.

Much of my published work can be seen in past issues of Spin-Off magazine. Presently, I'm writing a book for Schoolhouse Press that focuses on various works by EZ and Meg over the years - all hand spun and naturally dyed - with technical instructions included. A book like this takes alot of time and I'm slow, so it may not hit the bookshelves for two years or so. Interspersed with patterns and technical how-to, will be edited "blog entries" that hopefully will bring the same personal warmth that EZ's digressions achieved. After all, it's fantastic that EZ gave us ingenious knitting technique, but her books were also filled with snippets of her family life - snippets that never compromised her family and yet invited us in to tea, so to speak, now and again.

I invite you all to my blog, which is only a little over a month old. In essence, it's my digressions - kind of a working draft of the book. You won't find patterns or detailed how-to....I'll save that for "THE BOOK". My working title is, "Round Trip" - with obvious connotations to circular knitting and the fact that when you take a trip, you can always take side-trips. Plus, my journey has been rather full circle in that I began with EZ and am now writing a book based on her works.

My blogsite is: www.spinningspiderjenny.blogspot.com
Cheers, Jeannine Bakriges

Inspired? What sort of yarn should I use?

I'm feeling a bit inspired, by the cute red tomten sweater posted earlier, and by this:
Sonia Rykiel sweater dress
What sort of yarn might be a good match for this?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

fiery red

The beginnings of a yummy cashmere Seamless Hybrid (yes, I'm a huge copycat). It's so soft. I had to share, even though I only have a pretty crappy night time photo. It's a decent representation of the color - it's a very gorgeous red.

Everyone on here has made such lovely things. It's really inspiring!

Snail Hat!

Hello Everyone! This is my completed Snail Hat found in KWT. I used some leftover Morehouse Merino that I happened to have in my stash. I believe the color is Lichen.

I love the hat (in fact I'm wearing it right now!) and it was very fun to make--and very quick. It held me over for this knit-along until I found yarn for my REAL Zimmermania project--the Hawser Sweater from Knitting Workshop.

I would definitely recommend this pattern to anyone who likes to rock funky hats!

Speaking of Steeking

For anyone nervous about cutting their first steeks (or second or third):

Eunny Jang of See Eunny Knit has got a discussion of steeking and how to do it available, here. It's the best internet refrence on the subject that I've ever found. Just in case you want to read a little more on the subject before digging in with the scissors. :)

Slow start

It's taken me a bit to get going because I've had to order all the components of my EZ project. Like so many here, I was inspired by the Seamless Hybrid at Brooklyn Tweed, so I ordered Knitting Without Tears, which arrived yesterday, and a lot of aubergine yarn from Knitpicks, which has yet to arrive, no surprise, as I ordered it fairly recently.

I've read about half of Knitting Without Tears so far, and I am loving it intensely. I can't wait to cast on for the aubergine sweater, though the husband is insistent that before I do so I need to finish some horrible knitted gloved I started for him. So, until my yarn arrives, I will be knitting the last three gussets of the hated gloves and dreaming of a beautiful purple sweater for the man.

Slow start

It's taken me a bit to get going because I've had to order all the components of my EZ project. Like so many here, I was inspired by the Seamless Hybrid at Brooklyn Tweed, so I ordered Knitting Without Tears, which arrived yesterday, and a lot of aubergine yarn from Knitpicks, which has yet to arrive, no surprise, as I ordered it fairly recently.

I've read about half of Knitting Without Tears so far, and I am loving it intensely. I can't wait to cast on for the aubergine sweater, though the husband is insistent that before I do so I need to finish some horrible knitted gloved I started for him. So, until my yarn arrives, I will be knitting the last three gussets of the hated gloves and dreaming of a beautiful purple sweater for the man.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Steek Night

I am working on two EZ-inspired sweaters right now, the Fair Isle Yoke Cardigan and a simple coat for my son, knit in the round with kangaroo pouches for the sleeves. I just cut open the first sleeve steek. There are some photos and explanation on my blog.


Tiny (sweet) Thing Accomplished

I finished my little EZ potholder a couple of days ago and it has already been involved in the baking of 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies, and a stir fry dinner. See it posing here with my high-priced hand model.

My Zimmermania fervor has been temporarily slowed while I figure out a way to get my hands on the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern. The library has me on a list, but I'm thinking a lot about just buying myself Knitter's Workshop or The Opinionated Knitter as an early birthday present.

Tomten Fun!

A finished Tomten for my sweet little girl, who has just turned 16 months old. It was so fun to make that I have begun another, what I am calling the Teeny-Tiny Tomten, for her little sister, who is due to be born in January! Check out the progress of this Tomten (and the Teeny-Tiny) on my blog, Such Small Hands.


Hello everyone

My name is Lucette and I have been knitting with Elizabeth Zimmermann's philosophy for many many years. I am delighted to join the group and will be posting some of my projects in the days to come.

I plan to knit the top down raglan cardigan. This is from her famous garter stitch period and the design has intrigued me for years, and have made several attempts at it. So this group is great incentive. Anyone game to join me?

Ganomy Hat Done!

Ripped it once, knit it twice. There's still a hump on top, now I know why E.Z. make some bobbles on top! More pic's here on my blog. ( but it fits the head it's supposed to warm, not that he has a hump on top ;o)
Happy knitting!

My first color stranded sweater.

Knit lo, these many years ago (okay, maybe ten). It's a Chainmail sweater from "Knitter's Almanac". I used Brown Sheep Naturespun sport in I know not what colors... two shades of orange, magenta, purple, and two shades of slate blue. (Sounds like a train wreck, doesn't it?) At any rate, it was a great learning experience and got me addicted to stranded color knitting, and I thought you guys would get a kick out of it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

late to the party

Hello, I'm Morgen. How stoked am I to join a knitalong in honor of Elizabeth Zimmermann! Truly, I never would have ventured into fancy things like aran patterns or two-color knitting (let alone designing) if she didn't gleefully make it look so damn easy, and I know more than a few of you are in the same boat. To date (relevant to EZ) I've done some two-color hats and twisted stitch patterns, and am in the midst of a cable-pattern cardigan of my own design which will feature steeked armholes and fronts (see my brand-new knitting blog.)

But today, in the spirit of fall weather and trying new things, I will be starting my very first pair of socks. Inspiration:

The pattern is from Newsletter #18, reprinted in The Opinionated Knitter.
I have been eyeballing these stockings for some time. Originally I planned to go with one of EZ's vertical two-color charts, but at the last minute I realized this would be a great utilization of a pseudo-argyle-plaid pattern (maybe you know the proper name for it?) that I snatched from some mid-80's Rowan design.

Swatched in the round and cut up the side:

It's Nature Spun sportweight in plumberry and ash on US 4 dpns, at about 7 sts 8 rows/inch. Tons o fun!

For now, back to the knitting cave to measure and plot. Till you hear from me again I will be, as EZ quips, "stocking up on stockings." xo

Ganomy Hat Help Please!

Could somebody please explain to me why my Ganomy Hat is a never ending story? It fits fine and comfortable but it gets way too long in the end. Do I at some point stop knitting row 2? And if so when? Please help, I'd like to make this hat as a birthday present.
Thanks, Monika

Baby Surprise Jacket eludes me

Can anyone tell me if there's a source for purchasing a downloadable version of the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern? I thought I had it in my piles of books, but alas no. I sadly do not own any EZ books that include that pattern. I would be happy to buy The Spun-Out Designs pattern for $3, but I hate to pay the $4.75 for shipping if I can download it instead. Plus- I don't want to wait for snail mail. I want it NOW.
My pile of yummy chocolate-brown and pale blue yarn begs to become something glorious.

Any tips?

Also, If anyone in Albuquerque wants to loan me their pattern, I'd gladly reciprocate by making you a glorious cup of coffee.

Much obliged.

resistance is futile.

I tried, I really did. But Elizabeth's wisdom and wit is what did it. I've been familiar with her books for a while, made a seamless saddle-shoulder sweater of hers years ago that fit beautifully and made me feel like a genius knitter, and have read and reread work.

So I'm starting my version of the kangaroo-pouch set-in sleeve sweater from Knitting Without Tears. It's going to be oversized, with a deep foldover collar. I'm using Jo Sharp Silkroad Ultra in Clinker, and I'm hoping for a cozy everyday sweater. I'm also perversely looking forward to whipping out my big ol' sewing shears and cutting the steeks. I'll be sure to post terrifying pictures.

Swing by my blog and take a looky-loo, why dontcha.

Mitered Mittens

Pattern: Mitered Mittens from Knitter's Almanac (under May)
Yarn: Galway Colornep
Modifications: I added a lining by picking up stitches fron the wrong side of my long tail cast-on, (An EZ tip, but I do not remember the source.) and knit the linings exactly like the outers. I used the same size needles but sport weight yarn, instead of the worsted I used for the outer.

pilgrim's progress

I can't lie- I've finished the sweater! I did take progress pics to amuse you all. Sheesh-I've never done, messed up, and redone something so much. For example, did sleeves in what I thought was clever ribbing, tried it on child, and arms looked like sausages. Rrip. I'm still considering ripping back the cuffs and reknitting them to make them smaller, but it's done enough for now.
First you see my (perceived) genius?

Sleeve gussets, avast! In the original pattern, where the sleeves are knit flat and then seamed, maybe one can fudge 14 stitches into nothingness, but with my sleeve in the round, I couldn't think of a better way. Plus, that gives more movement in the arm area and since I have a busy baby that seemed like a good idea.
Then... Icord border

Come on, it's ALL about that bright orange border. Though I weirdly had to go up 2 needle sizes to make it work, I'm pleased. Anyone else have luck with bordering garter stitch with Icord and being able to use the same needle size? Reading EZ's instructions, it did say to pick up one garter stitch "bump"- which I think means in effect one stitch horizontally for two rows vertically. Maybe her icording gauge was quite loose?
And now, I present- the sweater!

Pattern: Baby Sweater on 2 needles, from Knitter's Almanac
Yarn-random, tapestry yarn from a thrift store
Buttons- yummy gift from my sister
Needles- #8 circulars for body, #7 dpns for sleeves

Modifications: No lace pattern, sleeves done in the round on smaller needles, additional length in the sleeves, about an inch longer overall length. I-cord border added. I also started further along in the yoke, casting on 68 stitches instead of fifty, then increasing at a slower rate to get the same yoke depth. I tried the original around my daughter's neck and it was too small.
And of course, most importantly, the sweater on it's recipient.

Dad looks dubious, but baby says yaay!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Ganomy Hat
Knitter's Almanac
Knit by: Mary Beth
September 24, 2006
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Merino Aran
Needles: Size 8 Circular and DPNs
When I finished this hat, my 10 year old son said "that's a good hat". That just about says it all!Made in a day, with remnants from another project, it fits great - knitting just doesn't get any better than that.
PS - I teach knitting classes, and this is a great learning hat. Skills addressed: knitting in the round, increasing and decreasing, working two colors, using double points.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Post Your FO Photos in the Flickr Gallery!

Hi all! Just a small housekeeping matter. We never officially announced the EZ Flickr Photo Pool that is meant as a complement to this group. It's already well-stocked with a fine selection of EZ knits, some completed before the knit-along began! If you are not morally opposed to joining Flickr, it would be tremendous if you would post your EZ photos, in particular your finished knits, to the pool. That way we have a self-perpetuating (and searchable) photo gallery. Joining is definitely not obligatory - just thought it's something you'd like to know was there.

For those who've never used Flickr before, joining the pool is quite easy. Once you've created your Flickr account and uploaded your photos to it, visit the Elizabeth Zimmermann Knits Photo Pool and click the "Join this group" link toward the bottom of the page. Then go to the photos you want to add, and you will see a link at the top that says "Send to Group." Click it, and send to the photo pool. EZ as Pi, right? (If not, leave a comment and we'll try to help get you started!)

Meg's Arch-shaped Stockings

If anyone out there is planning to knit Meg's Two-color Arch-shaped Stockings featured in the Fall 2006 Vogue Knitting, be sure to see the corrections page on Schoolhouse Press's website. These stockings can also be found in Meg Swansen's Knitting.

watch cap

Watch Cap, The Opinionated Knitter by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Manos del Uruguay, 1/2 skein using US9 needles

I started the decreases too soon and so the top is a bit off. But it’s such a quick and fun pattern stitch, I can easily do another and make the necessary adjustments (I cast on more stitches and knitting late last night forgot to account for this when it came to time to decrease!). I’d love to make another using the color pattern Meg Swansen describes on page 30.

How to knit this hat in the round can be found in the comments here.

my endless worship of EZ

Hi, I am Linda and I am hopelessly addicted to knitting since the age of 7. I "discovered" EZ in the early eighties which were the dark ages of knit lit. I have extremely well worn copies of Knitting without Tears and Knitting in the Round. My last finished EZ was a baby sweater from KwoT, the baby bog jacket I think. I complicated it by adding a fibonacci stripe sequence. Now I want to apply icord to everything I see.
This is my niece and her mama showing off the sweater, which will fit fer for about 10 more minutes! Next EZ project is a baby surprise jacket for the same baby but hopefully it will fit longer!

Seamless Yoke Sweater

I am so excited to finally be finishing this sweater. What better way to do it than with a KAL!

Zimmerman Sweater

I had seen a sample sweater at my LYS, fell in love with it and asked for the pattern. I was told it was being written up and tested, so I went ahead and bought yarn and waited. (It is Elizabeth Lavold Cotton Patine with Tahiki Pansy carried along.) I kept checking back for the pattern and was finally told I could use Elizabeth Zimmerman's percentage method. I bought Knitting Without Tears and cast on.

I have run out of Pansy twice, and now have to use a ball from a different dye lot. I bought what the sample sweater knitter had recommended and apparently it wasn't enough. I was also able to buy what they had left of the Cotton Patine in the same dye lot, 7 more balls, figuring I might knit a tank top out of whatever was left. I am almost at the yoke decreases, so hopefully the dye lot change in the carry along yarn won't be so noticeable. I love the drape of the fabric. I'm really hoping it fits. The sample I tried on fit perfectly. I'd love to someday compare patterns, and see where hers differed.

Ganomy Done!

The Ganomy Hat in all its glory:

Click for a larger photo
Pattern: Ganomy Hat from Knitter's Almanac
Yarn: Adriafil New Zealand in shade #081 Shaded Army Green (poss. discontinued colour)

I wanted to make a smaller hat, so I used DK weight yarn and 4mm (US 6) needles instead. I followed it pretty much as written after that, except I did the decreases to the final stitches on every round instead of every other, for a smaller crown. It's a very cute hat and I'm tempted to make a normal sized version for me now!

Next on my list is probably a Pi Shawl. Still working up the courage to attempt steeking!

need help

Hi, I'm Gwen. I'm knitting a pair of norwegian mittens (knitter's almanac) with yarn recycled from two commercial sweaters I took apart last year. The colors actually work really well together - it's brown & pink - so girly! I'm loving the pattern so far - my first time with color work. And I'm loving holding one color in right hand, the other color in left hand, switching between the English method and the Continental method. It makes the knitting much more interesting because I can focus and see the pattern come alive instead of fighting with the 2 strands of yarn, plus the two circulars, etc. Well anyway, take a peek...

But I'm stuck. Luv EZ, but I've read the following line many many times, and still just don't understand how the mitten is to be continued. On page 61 of knitter's almanac,

"K 3 rnds MC, decreasing to 46 sts by K2 tog 8 times across front"

Does she mean decrease 8 sts in 1 round, or over 3 rounds? And what does "across front" mean? The palm side or back-of-hand side or evenly across? I'm not sure if anyone else is knitting mittens out there...but Help!

Small Sweet Start

I was committed to beginning on the 23rd with everyone else. I wanted to feel a part of the collective Zimmermania energy. So after a very long day doing far too much, the kids were in bed and I happily cast on at 10pm.

I decided to start small. I have wanted to try Double Knitting for some time, and I loved EZ's suggestion (in Knitter's Almanac) that one make a Double Knitted potholder/hot pad as a swatch for the Double Knitted Baby Blanket. I don't intend to actually make the Double Knitted Baby Blanket (not now, anyway), but I wanted to start this Zimmermania with a little instant gratification.

For those who have not experienced Double Knitting, allow me to include an explanation from Elizabeth Zimmermann herself:

"It is the procedure of working back-and-forth on two needles in such a manner as to produce a circular piece of fabric. On the first row you alternately knit and slip the stitches; on the next row you knit the stiches you slipped, and slip those you knitted. Thus each stitch is handled twice, once to be slipped and once to be knitted..."

I'm knitting my potholder with doubled Manos. Almost complete. Luxuriously thick and handsome on both sides.

As soon as this is complete (sometime today), I will ignore the unfolded laundry on my bed and begin my real Zimmermania endeavor: the Baby Surprise Jacket.

Will all my pregnant friends and relations please look away now.

Chocolate-colored Classic Elite Waterspun with stripes of pale blue Arucania Nature Wool.

delicious. no?

You can also read this post on Baby Finds a Kazoo.

Moccasin Socks Complete

I finished my first pair of moccasin socks, and one and a half of the second pair:

I love them, they feel great, they were totally fun to knit, and I'm going to make lots more!

Details and modifications on my blog.

from Renée in Wisconsin

Thanks for inviting me to join the Zimmermania blog. I have chosen to make the saddle-shoulder cardigan found in KWT. I bought KWT in 1979, have most of Elizabeth's books and videos, all of her Wool Gatherings, met her at one of her last knitting camps before Meg took over, and have knit several of her designs, with her cheery "encouragements" over the years. I'm happy to see so many churning out so many lovely things for themselves and their loved ones. It does one's heart good in this sad world. I'm sure Elizabeth would encourage all of us to "Knit on".

Swatching and Ripping

I've decided to go for a really basic sweater for this KAL. I'm a long-time knitter, but I've just moved from Southern California to Northern Virginia and I need some warm clothes before the Autumn reallly kicks in. My most likely candidate is The Weekend Sweater from Wool Gathering #65, but I may change my mind to another construction from Knitting without Tears once I get started.

For yarn, I'm going to using some Knit Picks Andean Treasure in Lilac. I have a couple untouched balls that I'm using to swatch, and a uncompleted shawl that I will frog. I've never finished anything in this yarn and I'm worried it might be a little hot, so I'm swatching on rather large needles compared with what the band recommends. Does anyone have experience with this yarn as pullover? Its %100 Alpaca.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

It was one of those busy weeks where hardly a stitch was knit but knitting was always on my mind. What will I knit for Zimmermania? I wanted to knit the Loden Green Aran (TOK) as my first project for this knit along but need a bit more time to find the perfect yarn. Late Friday evening I remembered seeing a great hat, the Watch Cap, in The Opinionated Knitter using a stitch that Elizabeth Zimmerman calls Prime Rib (also known as brioche stitch). In Knitting Without Tears, she says that the stitch is often mistaken for Fisherman’s Rib, but that Prime Rib makes a much “richer and fruitier rib”. I’m casting on for the Watch Cap using the Manos del Uruguay on the right (it’s more golden than yellow in person) and size 9 needles. The pattern is in both books mentioned above. Thank you Sarah and Jessica for hosting!

Totally Seamless Baby Sweater!

Hello, Zimmermaniacs-
I am in the midst of a desperado EZ project- it's getting cold in Minneapolis, and my infant daughter shamefully does not have a woolen sweater! Yes, yes, I knit her one when she was smaller... but now she has outgrown it. I whipped out the Knitters Almanac and am tackling the practically seamless baby sweater on two needles.

Well, I'm using a circular needle and am not doing the lace pattern, since I'm using the random bits of wool in this bag here- maddening for larger garments, but perfect for a crazily striped baby sweater. Also, in the spirit of EZ, I have moved this project to the totally seamless, by using dpns for the sleeves. It has begun!

Blue Shimmer, in progress.

This is what I've been working on for the last five weeks:

It's a copy of the "Blue Shimmer" originally designed by Bohus Stickning in Sweden. I got the yoke pattern from "Poems of Color" by Wendy Keele, and then made up my own pattern using EZ's percentage system yoke sweater (and my own gauge swatch), putting the increase rows into the color chart where I could. It seems to have worked, much to my amazement. (Plus I'm knitting it from the top down, which I've never done before.) The pattern in the book didn't go large enough, and my gauge was different and I was using other yarn... you know how it is.

This sweater is on a deadline and due October 4, and I'm really tired of looking at it and really want it over with. Once it's done I want to do a fisherman's gansy, again using the EZ percentage system. Love the percentage system.

Instead of casting on today, I am joining in by ripping! This is EZ's Scandinavian Sweater, which I started last year sometime. I realized this far in that I was having gauge problems and the sweater was going to be too small. It was shoved into the back of a closet until until today. I ripped back and started over, casting on more stitches AND going up a needle size, just to show you how bad the problem was. I've just about completed the hem in pink wool and am feeling enthusiastic one again about this project.

I have a few other completed projects to share later, but for now, I just want to say thanks to our hostesses for this knit along and for getting me back on track with a project I was so excited about a year ago!

BTW - the Scandinavian Sweater can be found in the Opinionated Knitter, the yarn is Bartlett Yarn in natural colors.


Hey Fellow Zimmermaniacs-

I'm so happy to be here. I've been a knitter for many years and I think Knitting Without Tears was probably my first knitting book. I've had it since, well since it only cost $5.95 - whenever that was. I'm going to start small and finally make the Ganomy hat that I've been thinking about since I first saw Jared's last winter. Who knows what you all might inspire me to make after that ..

Start your engines!

It's Saturday the 23rd! If you've been dutifully waiting to cast on, wait no longer. I confess that I have not been dutiful, and got a jump on the Baby Surprise two days ago. I couldn't resist. I'll show you a picture after I run over to the farmers' market to buy up the last of the season's fantastic peaches. But I shall cast on the Fishtrap Aran today as originally intended.

If you have emailed me to join and haven't received an invitation, please email me again. I have added everyone who's sent me a message to the list of participants (note that you need to accept the invitation before your name will show up in the sidebar), but three people have told me they've sent multiple requests that haven't come through. If sarah AT bluegarter DOT org hasn't worked for you, please try zimmermania AT allegria DOT fastmail Dot fm.

Knit on, friends!

ETA: Here's phase 1 of the Baby Surprise, double decrease section complete:

joining (without twisting)

Hello to all! I've been an admirer of Elizabeth Zimmermann for about 20 years now. Knitting Without Tears was the first knitting book I ever bought. Over the years I've knitted quite a few of EZ's and Meg Swansen's designs and have been to Meg's Knitting Camp several times. At the moment, I have my second Round the Bend Jacket (from Meg's little Handknitting book) on needles. Now that the weather is getting a bit cooler, I'll be working on that again. It can be seen in its current 'a little more than half finished' state on my blog. So glad to be here among other Zimmermaniacs. :)

only rebecca?

Good morning everyone. After scanning the list of participants I think I'm the only Rebecca playing so far!

I've heard E. Zimmerman's name for years but never had her books or knew much about her approach to knitting. I'm really excited to join all the Zimmermaniacs for this KAL. I ordered Knitting Without Tears yesterday, and hope to knit the seamless hybrid that is so popular. The hybrid knitted by Brooklyn Tweed spoke paragraphs to me. Then, too, I borrowed the Almanac from my local library and may try one or two patterns from there.

What else? Oh of course, I blog at bekka, but also have a book/reading blog I've done for five years, but mostly that has very little to do with knitting. Besides knitting I enjoy collecting fabric, sewing, quilting, and dabbling in every other sort of art and craft out there.

Knitter's Almanac baby sweater

Hi everyone -- I’m Kelly, and have been knitting for almost exactly a year. The photo of EZ’s baby sweater from the Knitter’s Almanac is aspirational/inspirational – it was a baby gift to my now eleven-year-old daughter, and I didn’t know what I had until a few weeks ago – more photos and the story here. So I’m going to be trying one myself as a first Zimmermania project, as a gift for a knitting friend who’s expecting a girl in December. Any suggestions on yarn from someone who has made this sweater? Thanks, Kelly

Hallo everybody!

Thanks for inviting me to this KAL. I've started knitting about 11 month ago again, after long years of knitting only the occasional socks. I can't remember where I've heard of E.Z. first, must have been a blog. As of this moment I think I'm the proud owner of all of E.Z.'s books. I just love her conversational tone, it's fun to read and sooooooo educational. I'm implementing some of her techniques in my other knitting as well. I've used her mystery blanket squares to make a tote/bag which was with me all summer. I've made a pinwheel blanket and used e.Z's garter stitch knitted bind off, which I loved. For my toe-up socks I use her sewn bind off for stretchyness and so on. I'm hoping to be able to knit the little somethings, like the tree and star for Christmas soon. Just have to get some projects out of the way first.
Come visit me at my blog and see what I'm up too ..... ;o)


Friday, September 22, 2006

i heart Zimmermann

it's nice to know how many Zimmermanniacs are out there and even nicer to be gathered in one place. Thanks Sarah and Jess!

i first went searching for EZ books just to learn about seamless garments. upon finding Knitting Around, i promptly read the biographical digressions in one sitting and fell head over heels in adoration of Elizabeth Zimmermann. (i'm going to go on for a bit now :), so here i go...)

it was all there in her witty and unassuming prose: fearlessness, fondness for skepticism, disregard for self-importance, and disdain for having a singular ideal standard--one idea of right or best--of anything. her knitting was inextricably linked to her family, her friends, her homes, her philosophies; she knitted what she lived.

i love how she glories in knitting (realizing her "Life Was Starting" when she first learned how to knit, pg. 48) yet go about it with nonchalance ("If you drop a stitch, pick it up immediately!" pg. 181); her brilliant innovations and simplifications; her belief that anyone can create the knitting s/he wishes, with whichever yarn, in whatever gauge, however, custom fit. no prescriptive presumptions. she is the knitter of my fingers, my heart, and my intellect. (ok, done going on now.)

been daydreaming about a fair isle seamless yoke sweater, those form-fitted-arch stockings already mentioned by Elli, and an aran cardigan, but i'm starting with the pattern and yarn i have at-hand. Wearable-Art Stockings from Knitting Around and Ami Ami's 100% wool "Fine."