Monday, December 28, 2009

I decided I wanted a knit hat from some Noro Kureyon yarn I had left after I made a scarf last year but couldn't decide what type of hat it needed to be except that it had to be warm, so, I looked thru all my knitting books and found Knitting Around and found my hat.

It's the Very Warm Hat amy I tried 3-4 times with different needles and singe vs double the yarn and here it is.

This is my Very Warm Hat from Knitting Around done in 2 different colors of Noro Kureyon yarn.

I had to try it on after I finished it and by the time I was back inside I was sweating - so It lives up to it's name.

It's 10 inches tall before the decreases start and will turn up a small bit but I like it as it is, sort of a " bucket" style. It matches the scarf I made last year and keeps you good and warm.

I will be wearing this hat for some time now.

I'm glad I found Knitting Around - I thought I had it but it was playing hide-and-seek and I found where it was hiding - now, to decide what to make next.