Friday, September 29, 2006

Tomten and a Seamless Yoke Sweater

Hi! I am loving seeing everyone's projects here; I have been an EZ fan ever since I read Knitting Without Tears - which I ordered purely because of the title - but I have only knit a couple of her designs. Here is my recently finished (except for the zipper) Tomten jacket:

As you can tell, my daughter was thrilled to have her picture taken!

I have also recently started a Seamless Yoke Sweater. The lighting is bad and it's dark grey so it's not a great picture, but so you get the idea:

The yoke is going to have blue, pink, and cream patterns and I'm going to steek it because I prefer cardigans. I started this once before and had to rip it because I had serious gauge problems and the size was all wrong.


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