Sunday, September 24, 2006

Post Your FO Photos in the Flickr Gallery!

Hi all! Just a small housekeeping matter. We never officially announced the EZ Flickr Photo Pool that is meant as a complement to this group. It's already well-stocked with a fine selection of EZ knits, some completed before the knit-along began! If you are not morally opposed to joining Flickr, it would be tremendous if you would post your EZ photos, in particular your finished knits, to the pool. That way we have a self-perpetuating (and searchable) photo gallery. Joining is definitely not obligatory - just thought it's something you'd like to know was there.

For those who've never used Flickr before, joining the pool is quite easy. Once you've created your Flickr account and uploaded your photos to it, visit the Elizabeth Zimmermann Knits Photo Pool and click the "Join this group" link toward the bottom of the page. Then go to the photos you want to add, and you will see a link at the top that says "Send to Group." Click it, and send to the photo pool. EZ as Pi, right? (If not, leave a comment and we'll try to help get you started!)


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