Sunday, September 24, 2006

Small Sweet Start

I was committed to beginning on the 23rd with everyone else. I wanted to feel a part of the collective Zimmermania energy. So after a very long day doing far too much, the kids were in bed and I happily cast on at 10pm.

I decided to start small. I have wanted to try Double Knitting for some time, and I loved EZ's suggestion (in Knitter's Almanac) that one make a Double Knitted potholder/hot pad as a swatch for the Double Knitted Baby Blanket. I don't intend to actually make the Double Knitted Baby Blanket (not now, anyway), but I wanted to start this Zimmermania with a little instant gratification.

For those who have not experienced Double Knitting, allow me to include an explanation from Elizabeth Zimmermann herself:

"It is the procedure of working back-and-forth on two needles in such a manner as to produce a circular piece of fabric. On the first row you alternately knit and slip the stitches; on the next row you knit the stiches you slipped, and slip those you knitted. Thus each stitch is handled twice, once to be slipped and once to be knitted..."

I'm knitting my potholder with doubled Manos. Almost complete. Luxuriously thick and handsome on both sides.

As soon as this is complete (sometime today), I will ignore the unfolded laundry on my bed and begin my real Zimmermania endeavor: the Baby Surprise Jacket.

Will all my pregnant friends and relations please look away now.

Chocolate-colored Classic Elite Waterspun with stripes of pale blue Arucania Nature Wool.

delicious. no?

You can also read this post on Baby Finds a Kazoo.


  • Definitely delicious! :-D They look gorgeous together.

    By Blogger Bronte, at 11:58 PM  

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