Saturday, September 23, 2006

only rebecca?

Good morning everyone. After scanning the list of participants I think I'm the only Rebecca playing so far!

I've heard E. Zimmerman's name for years but never had her books or knew much about her approach to knitting. I'm really excited to join all the Zimmermaniacs for this KAL. I ordered Knitting Without Tears yesterday, and hope to knit the seamless hybrid that is so popular. The hybrid knitted by Brooklyn Tweed spoke paragraphs to me. Then, too, I borrowed the Almanac from my local library and may try one or two patterns from there.

What else? Oh of course, I blog at bekka, but also have a book/reading blog I've done for five years, but mostly that has very little to do with knitting. Besides knitting I enjoy collecting fabric, sewing, quilting, and dabbling in every other sort of art and craft out there.


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