Friday, September 22, 2006

i heart Zimmermann

it's nice to know how many Zimmermanniacs are out there and even nicer to be gathered in one place. Thanks Sarah and Jess!

i first went searching for EZ books just to learn about seamless garments. upon finding Knitting Around, i promptly read the biographical digressions in one sitting and fell head over heels in adoration of Elizabeth Zimmermann. (i'm going to go on for a bit now :), so here i go...)

it was all there in her witty and unassuming prose: fearlessness, fondness for skepticism, disregard for self-importance, and disdain for having a singular ideal standard--one idea of right or best--of anything. her knitting was inextricably linked to her family, her friends, her homes, her philosophies; she knitted what she lived.

i love how she glories in knitting (realizing her "Life Was Starting" when she first learned how to knit, pg. 48) yet go about it with nonchalance ("If you drop a stitch, pick it up immediately!" pg. 181); her brilliant innovations and simplifications; her belief that anyone can create the knitting s/he wishes, with whichever yarn, in whatever gauge, however, custom fit. no prescriptive presumptions. she is the knitter of my fingers, my heart, and my intellect. (ok, done going on now.)

been daydreaming about a fair isle seamless yoke sweater, those form-fitted-arch stockings already mentioned by Elli, and an aran cardigan, but i'm starting with the pattern and yarn i have at-hand. Wearable-Art Stockings from Knitting Around and Ami Ami's 100% wool "Fine."


  • I've been thinking of the stockings, too. If only I had an event to hostess with my feet up on the coffee table....

    By Blogger Leigh, at 1:44 PM  

  • YEAH MG.... I can not wait to see your socks. I am so excited you are using your ami ami yarn. They are going to be so cool.

    Your post is so sweet. :)

    By Blogger Kitty Kitty, at 7:27 PM  

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