Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Obligatory Intro post *G*

Hello, all. I thought I'd say a quick "Hi" and Thanks for setting up this KAL.

I have knit several EZ projects in the past

A shawl/christening blanket from the Knitter's Almanac p 21

Two EPS ski sweaters knit from my own handspun (yes, even the white). The front one is a Round Yoke taken pretty much verbatim from the one in the Knitting Workshop "Lesson One". I just subbed out a simpler colorwork to show off the exotic fibers (there's camel, alpaca, tussah silk and natural dark wool in there. The back one is a raglan sleeve from Jacqueline Fee's Knitter's Workshop which is largely derivative (with EZ's blessings).

Missing in action because the Marine!Goth loved them to bits when he was a baby:
A play/changing pad based on the double knit baby blanket, a Totem Jacket, a Surprise Baby Jacket.

Like many of you, I learned to knit as a child of about 7. Dropped it after the Girl Scout badge, despite my mom being an avid knitter. Picked it up again in college along with spinning and weaving (the ski sweaters are that vintage). I knit quite a bit up until about 10 years ago. At that point, I got very interested in needlework (reproduction and modern samplers and pictorials). After being away from knitting for about 10 years, I've picked it up again recently.

For this KAL, I think I'm going to do one of the Norgi sweaters from the Workshop, probably the Aspen one. I have a cone and a half of Harrisville Shetland jumper weight in a black with brown undertones. I'm thinking a pale gold or gold/brown would knit up very nice with that.

I'm going to the NSYLS tomorrow for Knit Group, so swatching will ensue shortly.


  • Oh my that's gorgeous. I'm going to be making one out of handspun too.

    By Blogger Madame Purl, at 9:24 PM  

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