Wednesday, December 20, 2006


hola zimmermaniacs,
a post to encourage myself over the next couple of days... a visual confirmation of progress. i took these pictures last week... first, my partner's seamless hybrid sweater.

this sweater is currently in the raglan decrease phase... i'm about to get to the saddle shaping and i am... scared. the directions don't make a heck of a lot of sense to me as written, and i feel that i just need to have faith and go with it and it will work out. craft confidence! it's funny to me how much these knitterly hurdles freak me out... the first cables knit while holding my breath, the first sweater in the round, the first intarsia. so intimidating, and now just something the hands do, another option. i was writing recently about craft and i think this sums it up...

"these experiences are linked by a creative leap, by the transition from uncertainty and bewilderment to the dawning realization of success."

how nice to be able to have that dawn in something so simple and complicated and historical and current as knitting. it's a different kind of satisfaction... physical and tactile, intuitive and analytical. i'm looking forward to conquering the saddle-shoulder fear on my path to one day being a Knitter.

this is the wee sweater for my niece, made in this koigu. the color is more true on the older post. this is almost done, another zimmerman sweater (this one is a yoke style), just needs a collar and hem & ends woven. i am utterly charmed by this bit of knitting. its tiny sleeves after knitting the hybrid, the sunset colors of this yarn.

a few more days' knitting... hope i can make it!

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  • <<<<< encouragement >>>>>
    It's looking great so far! don't worry about the saddles... as soon as you get there - it'll make sense.

    By Blogger Betsey, at 6:08 AM  

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