Wednesday, December 27, 2006

cranking up the VCR

I've been knitting along on the Round the Bend Jacket which, according to Meg, was a design collaboration between herself and her ma. I'm a bit more than midway through the front section of the second half and have completely blanked on a technique. Last night I got my son to re-connect the VCR that had been unused since the DVD player got hooked up. This morning, with no one else in the house to break my concentration, I'll be plugging in Meg's video and getting a refresher course. Hopefully, this will get me through the impasse and I can finish the jacket before going back to work on January 2. This is my second Round the Bend. I knitted my first about five years ago and had begun this one last year. Here's the picture of Meg in hers from the Schoolhouse Press website. I knitted my first one in the same colors as shown here but made it to fit me below the hips. The second one I'm knitting with the same (now discontinued, I believe) sturdy Jamieson & Smith Highland Wool in brown and gold. Another variation I'm planning is to substitute one I-cord loop at the top with a single horn-shaped button instead of the three pairs of buttons down the front.


  • Very nice. I just love watching Meg's videos. She is such a lovely soul.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:16 PM  

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