Saturday, December 23, 2006

Maths Done, Cuff Begun

I made a spreadsheet with all of my knitting measurements and did all the math with forumlas. Yeah, it was a slow day at work yesterday.

Began the cuff of my husband's sweater. I'm just calling it the Garter Rib Sweater. Here begins the first in a long series of pictues of a brown sweater.
I am using Elann's Sierra Aran in the color Chestnut. It is a lucious brown with orange and red highlights in it. I absolutely love this yarn. This is the second project I am making with it, and I will use it even more.

I was worried that the cuff might be too constricting at 20%, but he slipped it on and it fits perfectly. I should not have doubted EZ. She knows what she's doing!



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