Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Another Seamless Hybrid Complete

The Seamless Hybrid is complete. Check out that "shirt yoke" option in the saddle. My Goodness how I adore that Elizabeth Zimmerman.

I went for a 1" hemmed collar (I continued the double decreases in the front more for look than fit) and I'm very, very pleased with the outcome. I based the entire sweater on his chest measurement, as EZ suggests, and only tried on the cuffs of one sleeve (I had gauge issues as I got pregnant between making the body and making the sleeves and I could NOT match gauge. I ended up just putting it aside for several months while I waited for my fingers to return to closer to normal. Aside from that, the only real "issue" I had was in creating the saddle - there is a part of the instructions where EZ abandons her percentages and merely says "for 44 rows". Since my gauge was different from hers, I had been completely ignoring her numbers. So it took me a while, and a little calculation, to go back through her sample numbers and discover that she meant "50% of remaining stitches".

Other than that, I loved the experience, I love the final product, and my husband does, too. More info and photos on my blog.

Just got back from the LYS where I bought "Knitting Around." Bog Jacket, here I come!


  • Very nice! Someone else had a question about those 44 rows--glad someone figured it out. I also want to make the Bog Jacket--but I loaned out my copy of the book and am waiting for it to return! Oh well. Lots of other projects to work.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:13 PM  

  • The sweater is gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration. I think this will be the next sweater I make hubby.

    By Blogger Leanne, at 3:35 AM  

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