Monday, December 17, 2007

Mitered Gauntlets

A Christmas knit for my Gram:
Just imagine the second one finished! They are lovely and warm, and very long. I really think she'll like them.
It was my first time with this pattern, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I plan on making myself a pair of these babies after the Christmas rush is through.
The colour isn't quite true in the photo. I used Paton's Decor (an acrylic/wool blend) in Periwinkle and Rich Periwinkle. Very pretty together. It was also my first time (intentionally) cutting up my knitting. . . the thumbs, you see! It wasn't near as scary as I would have imagined and not a thing went wrong. Huzzah!
I cannot wait to give her these Christmas morning. They are probably my favourite thing I've made this year.


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