Sunday, October 15, 2006

Seamless Hybrid begins

Last time I posted I had my yarn but it was two different dye lots. So I knit a swatch half with lot 16 and half with lot 14...then I looked at it really close...then took it out into natural light and looked again...then washed and blocked it and still I can't see a difference between the two dye lots so as it turns out the dye lot problem isn't going to be a problem at all but just to be safe I'm still going to alternate rounds with the two lots. So I cast on for a sleeve seeing as how my needles still aren't here.

I love how the contrast colour looks inside the hem of the sleeve, like a little hidden bit of something special. I'll be working on this during the day while DH is at work so it stays a Christmas surprise, he thinks I'm knitting a sample for my LYS which I do from time to time so I didn't have to make up some odd excuse for having so much yarn arrive while he was home for lunch from work the other day.

In other news I think I'll be starting a Tomten jacket for my little guy to knit in the evenings and there may be a baby sweater in my future as a good friend just found out she's expecting a new little person.


  • I saw jared's sweater on Brooklyn Tweed and loved it so I bought the book, Knitting w/o Tears so I could make the sweater, but I'm scared to start! I've never knit something from a "recipe" I want to use a different color for the inside cuff too. Why does your cuff look imbedded into the sleeve. Please share whatever hits you can.

    By Blogger Rose, at 6:20 AM  

  • You're about the fifth person to ask me this so I'm going to take some pics as I start the second sleeve today and I'll post a tutorial hopefully this afternoon some time. LOL...I feel so clever!

    By Blogger fibersnob, at 6:57 AM  

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