Thursday, October 12, 2006

Birthdays: a great excuse for yarn.

My early birthday present to myself has arrived! Nobody told me that The Opinionated Knitter was such a beautiful book. I knew it would be charming to read and densely packed with great knitting wisdom, but it's irresistably beautiful too.
The true stamp of approval: I found it on the back of the toilet. This means that I was gushing about my new book in such a compelling way that Josh decided to use his most precious time alone with it.

Here is the exciting commencement of my long-awaited Baby Surprise Jacket:

I'm also anxious to begin a simple (and perfect) sweater for myself, using this:

Malabrigo Merino

I'm considering adapting an EZ pattern from my lovely new book.

You can read more about my ideas on my blog.


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