Monday, October 09, 2006

Quick & Dirty

I'm always shocked by how fast kid knitting goes. I made a Toddler seamless yoke in about a week. I started it because I have a flight coming up and I wanted a small project, now I've got to start another. I loved everything about this project. I was going to add something to the front (Dog, Gnome, Rocket, etc.), but it was over before I settled on anything. I'll save the details for the blog, but here's what I've learned. Still unsure of the neck (notice the life-line?). Next time, I'll use a smaller needle and do stockinette stitch for the short-row shaping. EZ started short-rowing at the ribbing, but I think it'd look more commercial if it were in stockinette. Once I see how the sweater fits my son, I'll decide whether to rib or not. I also learned that I LOVE a hem. I was so excited about the idea of a hidden message. In the future, I will take the time and start out with a provincial cast-on and maybe going down one weight of yarn.

Now I'm thinking about a EZ sweater for myself. I was going to make another seamless yoke, but now I'm thinking a Raglan with some dropped stitches like Rowan's Raspy. How I love the decisions of a knitter.


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