Monday, October 09, 2006

Knitting without Tears ... finally arrived!

Well, I finally got my "Knitting without Tears" and I love it.

I have already planned it all out, I'll be making the Raglan Jumper in Rown Yorkshire Tweed 4ply (i.e. 3mm needles) in a lovely mossy green, with turned up hems in dark burgundy. I am thinking of including some shaping around the waist through four strategically placed darts and knitting in some clocks around those in the burgundy, as well as some clocks around the raglan decreases. Also, I am thinking of adding a little peerie around the seam of the hem, but I'm not sure of that yet.

Progress pictures once I have started, I'll still need to make a gauge swatch (in the round) and then whip out the calculator. Thank God knitting math is easy!!!!


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