Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tomtems and intro

This is a great group! It's been great reading about all the EZ/MS projects. In July, I attended my first CAMP and it was great - cant wait til next July. BTW the postcards announcing the 2007 camp dates are mailed out - got mine yesterday - but the info is on the Schoolhouse Press website.

Just a note - we started a yahoo group for Camp attendees - if anyone here wants to join it - send an email to msknittingcamp-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or go to the group page - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/msknittingcamp/ and join from there.

As for my current EZ projects - i am planning on two Tomtems - i have two nephews and one more nephew due in Jan. They are four almost five and two almost three (born two years and ONE day apart). The elder has moved up from New Orleans (yes, their house was flooded) to the Berkshires (MA) and this is his first winter 'up NORTH' so i know he will use it. The younger one has lived in the Hudson Valley area for two years and i know he will use it. So i will be planning my two - i have the measurements for the younger, waiting on the elder.

i have been on a lace binge lately. Some lace shawls and also just finished the Cabled Shrug (from Interweave) more on those on my blog .

The last EZ project I made was a Pelerine (Spun Out #40)for a sister (its on its way in the mail so once its there i will post photos). Last winter i made them for my other three sisters (there are five girls) but didnt take photos. I did make one for myself and will photo it later.

Thanks for starting this!


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