Sunday, June 10, 2007

Saddle Shoulder finished.

*SO* happy with this...

My boyfriend's Saddle Shoulder sweater is finished!
I started it the first week of May & bound off the neck stitches on Friday night. So about a month in the making.
I have to say that I was a little nervous when I started - there was measuring, and gauge swatches, and percentage systems! Math! But the absolutely perfect fit of this sweater has made me realize that that's exactly what I should be doing every time I start a sweater.

I know its been said before, but I can't not say it - Elizabeth Zimmerman is a mother freaking genius. The raglan & shoulder decreases blew my mind as I knit them! Amazing!

I used 12 balls of Elann's Peruvian Wool in 'Oxford Heather Grey' & 1 ball of Patons Classic merino in 'Too Teal' for the hem.

Boyfriend approved!
Now I need to knit me some more Zimmerman!
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  • good job. this is such a nice sweater and the math is really worthwhile doing. and because you do it the sweater will always fit. i have done two for men of very different shape and they both looked gorgeous in their sweaters. and it is nice to think that you don't have to take a knitting pattern to a deserted island (one of the hebrides for instance) becuase you carry one in you head. K and 25 and 35 of K.

    By Blogger knititch, at 5:57 PM  

  • It looks so good on him - perfect fit and he looks happy !! This gives me incentive to start a sweater - I keep looking but havent plucked up the courage.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:25 PM  

  • Fantastic work! It fits wonderfully.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:04 AM  

  • Great sweater - it fits perfectly. Good for you for making it through that sea of grey stockinette. Bet your next project has some shocking pink in it just for relief! :)

    By Blogger becky c., at 4:54 AM  

  • Great job!!! You can totally tell he loves it. It is a beautiful sweater.

    By Anonymous Vanessa, at 9:47 AM  

  • Wow! That is just fantastic and looks great on him!

    By Anonymous tiennie, at 10:37 AM  

  • You've done your maths home work and have a great result!

    By Blogger Elena, at 12:37 PM  

  • I think a saddle shoulder is what I will be making for my 8 yr old. Yours looks so great!!

    By Blogger AliP, at 5:39 AM  

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