Sunday, May 13, 2007

Beginning a Mobius

I just started a Zimmerman mobius today with the intention of using it as a shrug in two weeks. Here is a glimpse of it.
I'm using Berocco Bonsai, a bamboo and nylon ribbon yarn and 5 mm needles for a looser gauge (I think the skein band called for 4.5?). The stitch pattern I found over on Knit And Tonic (The Dream Swatch pattern). I doubled the cast on to get my width.
The white wool at the bottom is my waste yarn for the Invisible Cast On (Knitting Around) and was my first ever attempt.
I making piles of mistakes but don't really mind. Those stitches are fiddly to work with for the crossovers. It still looks cool to me though.LOL


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