Friday, May 11, 2007

I'll bite

I'm working on an adult tomten. If only I didn't have two kids to care for every day. Hate it when life gets in the way of knitting. (kidding, i'm just kidding) It's taking awhile to get this thing knit. It has been a little over a month since I started it. I went on and on about it here.


  • Ooof. Garter stitch does take forever. But it looks like you're making good progress. I really like that color.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:46 PM  

  • There will be time for knitting as your little ones grow up a little. I think you are wise to spend time with them now. They grow so quickly. I am a grandma, so I know whereof I speak. ;) Your jacket will be beautiful whenever you finish it.

    By Anonymous MoMo in Michigan, at 5:56 AM  

  • Great - just what I want to make for myself! I have knitted two wee Tomtens so far, and can't wait to find the time to scale one up to my own size. Do show us pictures of the finished product. I love the colour!

    By Blogger Tina - omme i London, at 9:55 AM  

  • That looks like it will be just lovely when it's done! Thank you for posting :)

    By Blogger Kivy, at 6:41 AM  

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