Saturday, May 12, 2007

First BSJ

I just joined this blog recently, and also just finished my first Baby Surprise Jacket. It's made of TLC Wiggles (Coats and Clark, acrylic), and is for a friend's little boy. I found cute "car" buttons at JoAnn's to dress it up a bit, as I had not knit it in stripes.

Although I have had several of EZ's books for over a year, it's taken me this long to actually get going on one of her patterns. The photos on this blog are inspiring, and I'm looking forward to the next pattern (not sure just which one, yet). Thank you, Kathy in Juneau, for directing me here (your box-the-compass sweater is very nice).


  • Great job! I used the Wiggles yarn to make a couple of baby sweaters - it wasn't that fun to knit with, all those little extra loops - and I wished afterwards that I'd knitted an EZ seamless pattern, because all the seams in the pattern I used were a pain in the @ss. I hate seaming, especially in baby garments, which are small and need to be really comfortable!

    By Blogger Nicola, at 7:57 PM  

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