Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Help with seamless yoke sweater percentage system

I've read from the post from Jan 13 here that there is an updated version of EZ's percentage system. Instead of 3 times decrease 33%, you do 1st-25%, 2nd-33%, 3rd-40%. Also 8% is too tight (then what it should be?). Ans that sleeves are jenerally too wide (again-how wide they should be to be slim?)
Is there something else that I'm missing? I'm working on it now (as you know already--see my disaster below) and want my sweater to be perfect).
P.S. Update--I've redone the body already and begun the first sleeve)



  • in my opinion 33 is a fairly slim fitting sleeve. but what looks good depends on the weight of the yarn as well. i think a worsted weight yarn calls for a wider sleeve than and babyweight. i knit a seamless hybrid and went for 38 for the sleeves. they are fairly snug for the arm they were knit for. but this arm has refurbished a house and done masonry for a long time.....

    By Blogger knititch, at 1:47 PM  

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