Wednesday, January 03, 2007

thank you!

thank you so much for the nice comments on the seamless hybrid! i'm so happy about the way everything turned out... i've had a knitterly high since yesterday!
a quick post to answer questions...
this sweater was knit to 49" around, and i blocked it out to 50". i had a small orange-sized ball of yarn left over from the 8th skein. i think i knit about 20" to the armpits, but the sweater-wearing individual is not here right now to check :)
the best part is that back of the neck shaping... this is the 6th sweater i have knit for mr. d and almost all have the vexing back-of-neck ride-up... i'm always tugging at the back of his sweaters to no avail. why, why did i never think of shaping them before? now i know better and this will be an element in everything i knit for him from now on... there is zero upward shift on this sweater and it hangs really nicely in the back. one note of caution: i was Not Happy with the pre-blocking shaping, not in a major way but it looked a bit lumpy to me... a good wash later and things smoothed out.
hope this helps!


  • Thanks for the update. I think I'll try making one.

    By Anonymous Carol, at 2:37 PM  

  • Thanks so much! Looks like I'll probably have enough yarn, then. My boyfriend wants a "casual dressy" sweater that he can wear over the button-up shirts he wears at work (where the heater frequently breaks, and his space heater is wimpy!). I'm planning on doing a seamless hybrid with contrast hems, and doing a mock-turtleneck with a steaked zipper (only from chest to neck, not up the whole front) so that he can keep it zipped to stay warm or unzipped to be not so cozy. I do believe I'll start tomorrow! I'm so excited!

    By Blogger Jenn, at 5:18 PM  

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