Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Project and a half

I made the hat from Knitter's Workshop for my friend for our Annual Winter Holiday gift. Sadly, my photos are not great as I'm taking them on my phone until I get a digital camera, and the main color for this hat is a fuzzy black wool/angora/cashmere blend so it totally absorbs the light in the photo anyway.

This hat was really fun to make and got me hooked on color work. I hadn't tried fair isle before, and I wanted to learn to knit continental so I could hold one color in each hand. This was a terrific amount of fun and I'm eager to do more of it now. I learned a couple of things from this hat, and in the future I'll watch out for yarn dominance and beef up my pattern more. The scrolly part on this hat is actually my friend's initials -- a lowercase gj, repeating. I like how it is subtle enough to look like a sort of random pattern here, but in future projects I'll want to make sure I know which color is going to stand out where.

The main color yarn is Classic Elite Princess and the contrast color is a magenta washable merino (I can't remember the specs), and while I was working with it I thought it perhaps had been a mistake to mix the two different kinds of yarn, because they had different textures, the princess being very soft and fuzzy, and the merino being more bumpy and springy, but after I wet blocked the finished hat, the two yarns mellowed into each other more and I liked how the texture changed slightly along with the color.

Because the yarn is fairly lightweight, I cast on 84 sts and went up to 96 after the ribbing. The ribbing itself is twisted rib, which I prefer a zillion times over regular 1 to 1 ribbing.

Meanwhile, I've been knitting away at a seamless sweater, which I intend to do as a saddle shoulder at the top. It's a bottle-green Plymouth Suri Merino (alpaca/merino blend). I fell in love with this yarn when I saw it; it's very, very soft and has little wisps of yellow blended in with a brighter green tone. I am almost done with the body and have finished one sleeve at this point. The other seamless sweaters on this blog have been so pretty -- I only hope mine will come out so nice ;-)

Similar info, as well as some other stuff, is posted on my *brand new* blog. I'd be honored to get visitors, as well as any comments and advice from others.


  • Cute hat! And beautiful green color of that wool.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:20 PM  

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