Monday, November 06, 2006

better late...

i've been knitting away on my zimmermania sweater for a month now with no post-- terrible! like many others, i'm inspired by brooklyn tweed and am making a seamless hybrid. here it is thus far, having a picnic with itself...
it's been slow going for some reason... it's for my partner and i always forget how much longer man sweaters take! even in fat-ish wool (rowan magpie tweed, 4 st/inch) i've been in the black hole of knitting for awhile now. around and around with not much to show! i put in a few hours on a road trip to new orleans this past week so imagine this picture with an inch or two added to it... i'm thinking i need to switch to addis if the self-imposed holiday deadline is going to work out.
black hole notwithstanding, this is a great project and i'm really happy with it... the yarn is gorgeous and tweedy and wooly-soft, i'm really enjoying KWT, and this knitalong is inspiring! very tempted to start a hat after seeing all the snails about. i also bought "the opinionated knitter" while in NOLA and have been savoring it in little bits over the last few nights. she's such a beautiful writer.

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  • Looks great so far! Definitely get the addis, you won't regret it. Then you'll be flyin'!

    By Blogger pyokopyoko, at 5:48 PM  

  • hang in there.
    I feel the same way about my seamless.
    One day, rather out of the blue, I stopped knitting and realized I had the body done within an inch or so. Of course, then there were the sleeves, but they knit up so much faster. I think for my next one, I'll try to knit on the body and sleeves at the same time that way I can get a sense of accomplishment from how fast the sleeves are going.

    and. I do love my addis, too. They really are fast.

    By Blogger Corbett, at 5:39 AM  

  • thanks for the encouragement! :) i think i'm going to steal the addis from another WIP and go for it (resisting the temptation to get another pair! he he) can't wait for the sleeves... even man-sleeves are speedier than the whole body!

    By Blogger amisha, at 2:16 PM  

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