Monday, September 18, 2006

Indecision is Bliss

I too have enjoyed reading Knitting Around and Knitter's Almanac for years without ever having knit an Elizabeth Zimmerman pattern. This is a lovely opportunity to dive in.

The trouble is deciding what to make! I've been wanting to knit myself some thick, double-knitted mittens for some time, maybe they could be the gorgeous Norwegian Mittens in Knitting Around. I also have many babies to knit for right now, so I'm tempted to knit the Baby Bog Jacket or the Practically Seamless Baby Sweater.

But how about those Wearable Art Stockings as knee-highs in the winter with a shortish skirt?! (hubba. hubba.)

Cheap. Dark Eggplant.

I'm tempted to knit some bunny-soft baby knits (or the mittens) with this yarn from Elann. What a deal!

I'll be heading up to Taos for the Wool Festival in early October where I'm sure I'll find many delicious yarns worthy of my EZ endeavors.

I'm looking so forward to following all the projects. It's such a pleasure to join you all.

p.s. You can also find this post on Baby Finds a Kazoo


  • hot stockings, wooo!

    just my 2 cents on the pure alpaca - i have used it and think it's lovely. don't know how it held up because i used it for a gift, but it's incredibly soft. and my cat went wild for it (she's an AA member: Alpacaholics Anonymous).

    By Blogger Jessica / Fig & Plum, at 6:38 AM  

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