Saturday, September 16, 2006

Zimmermania begins September 23rd

Next Saturday, September 23, will mark the fall equinox and the first day of autumn. We think this will be an auspicious day to fire up Zimmermania. Where I sit in the Pacific Northwest, the weather is turning cool and crisp. Flocks of knitters are migrating to their stashes to pull out woolen yarns. (If you're in warmer climes, you can still play. Lots of EZ designs should work nicely in cotton. If you're allergic to wool, EZ doesn't really believe you, but she'll forgive substitute fibers as long as they're not made from non-renewable dead dinosaurs. Step away from the acrylic.)

Already casting on? Well, we can forgive an abundance of enthusiasm. Jess and I are tickled pink that our little knitalong idea struck a chord with so many of you. Personally, I'm using this week to extract information from my husband. (Don't worry, we abide by Common Article 3 of the Geneva Convention in this household.) I'm determining his preferences about sleeve construction, turtleneck height, garter edging or none, cables vs. twisted stitches, etc. I'm taking notes. I'm doing math. I'm swatching. And on the 23rd I'm going to pick up my needles and cast on 227 stitches for a Fishtrap Cardigan.

Meg Swansen has graciously approved our little tribute to her mother, and may even check in on our work now and then. You'll find a link in the sidebar to her Schoolhouse Press, where you can procure any of the Elizabeth Zimmermann titles as well as fistfuls of patterns for designs published individually in Spun Out (and these cost only a dollar!). We'd like to remind you that it's both immoral and illegal to reprint any of EZ's designs without express permission from Schoolhouse. So please do share any insights you may have about how to execute her patterns, but please don't ever post the whole "recipe".

Finally, if you've knit any Elizabeth Zimmermann projects in the past, we'd love you to post pictures in the Flickr gallery Jess has set up. I can't wait to see what we'll all make!

EDIT: Hey, Jess here! Just wanted to add: Buttons! There are two sizes, for your linking pleasure:

zimmermania 170px

zimmermania 150px


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