Tuesday, November 16, 2010

BSJ I-cord border

HI, I'm just finishing my first BSJ. I'm trying to figure out how to pick up stitches around the cuff for an I-cord border. I get how to attach I-cord to live stitches, but can't seem to figure out how to pick up on a cast on edge. Help! Please?



  • There are clear directions for attached i-cord in Nancie M Wiseman's The Knitter's Book of Finishing Techniques.

    By Blogger anotheryarn, at 1:13 PM  

  • I know one of Elizabeth's knitting Videos shows how to do the applied i-cord. Good luck.

    Have you made a moebius yet? Great fun!

    By Blogger Louellen Lawson, at 7:51 AM  

  • As you work the last stitch of your iCord, you knit it together with the stitch from the cuff that you want to attach it to. There is no wrong way to do this and you'll have more than one option when you do it (use half a stitch, use a whole stitch, etc). Just be consistent in how you do it. Also, when you start to work the second cuff, have the same side of the garment facing you as faced you when you did the first cuff.

    Try it, the worst that can happen is that you'll rip it out and try again. You can probably find a video of this on YouTube.

    By Anonymous Isabel, at 11:19 AM  

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