Monday, January 07, 2008

February Sweater and Hat

I just finished my second February baby sweater, this time with a matching hat.


Sorry about the funny color. It's really a lovely peach. The yarn is Dale of Norway Dalegarn Falk, which is a dk weight. I got about 5.5 stitches per inch using size 3 needles, so the sweater came out at newborn to 6 month size, I'd guess. I did the hat with a few rows of garter stitch and then the gull lace pattern, and decreased using a vertical double decrease (sl2tog knitwise, k1, psso) within every other repeat to continue the lace in pattern as far as possible.

And these buttons! Aren't they wonderful?




  • That is beautiful! I love those buttons! I can never find fun buttons like that!! Any online suggestions for great buttons?

    By Blogger Michele, at 5:29 AM  

  • very elegant little hat with button.

    By Blogger knititch, at 9:26 AM  

  • fabulous! love the buttons.

    By Anonymous chem_fem, at 12:43 PM  

  • Those buttons! haha they're great. Did you get them locally or online?

    By Blogger Mary, at 10:16 PM  

  • do you have a pattern for the hat? as a set it is over the top adorablesauce.

    By Blogger robiewankenobie, at 9:58 AM  

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