Saturday, January 05, 2008

more info on round the bend

To give a little more information about this design - it was originally published in the September 1990 Wool Gathering, but then republished as one of Meg's designs in her little book, Handknitting with Meg Swansen(with each design also being available in a video).

Each half of the jacket is knit in one piece from the cuff to the shoulder, around the front and up the back all the way to the back of the neck using techniques that have you join the front to the back and the shoulder to the top of the back as you knit along the body. The second half is knitted, mirroring the first half and then both halves are joined up the back with attached I-cord. The only sewing involved in the entire garment is when you sew the buttons on! :)

It is much more involved than EZ's Ribwarmer vest, but it uses the same technique of turning corners with short rows.

The book is still in print, but the original wool used in the design, a heavyweight Jamieson & Smith Shetland that Meg called Highland Wool but J&S called Embo, is no longer being produced. I think you could easily substitute the Chunky Shetland from Jamieson's (not the same as Jamieson & Smith). Jamieson's yarns are available in the U.S. through Simply Shetland.
And as Schoolhouse Press moves toward DVDs instead of videos, this is one of the videos that hasn't yet been made available in DVD. Maybe Meg will consider making it available if there's an renewed interest in the design. :)
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