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Knitting my first EZ pattern

Greetings from Sydney! I've bought several of Elizabeth Zimmerman's books from Amazon, and I'm now knitting my first baby surprise jacket (for a friend who is pregnant). I am fairly new knitter, and I found EZ's instructions a little sparce, so I Googled about a bit, and found Dawn Adcock's pattern notes. I thought that would keep me straight, and indeed I got along fine, until I reached row 47. In row 46 I have 90 stitches, which seems to be correct. But Ms Adcock's notes seem to require 94 stitches, to achieve K23, M1, K1,M1,K46, M1,K1,M1,K23. Puzzled, I went back to Google, to see if there was any one else who had got stuck at this point, and if so, how they got around it. I found no specific guidance, but I did find a comment on a blog that said that in the DVD from Schoolhouse Press, Meg Swansen knits the increase for back fullness at row 59, not row 57 as shown in Ms Adcock's notes. The blog authoress says that she has posted an alternate version of the pattern notes, but such is the blizzard of side bars, buttons and flashing gizmos on that page, that I cannot find it.

Now it seems to me that Meg Swansen is likely to be the authority on this pattern, and if she knits that increase in row 59, then that implies that (to stay true to the original pattern), she has 114 stitches in row 58. To get from 90 stitches to 114 stitches in 6 shaping rows, I needed to increase 4 stitches per row, so that makes row 47 K22, M1, K1,M1,K46, M1,K1,M1,K22 and row 49 K23, M1, K1,M1,K46, M1,K1,M1,K23, and so on. That brought me to the correct number of stitches in row 58, and ,after some tinkering, I rendered row 59 as K28,M1,K1,K3,(K5,M1)X10,K3,M1,K1,M1,K28, which isn't exactly even, but seems to be within the tolerances of the pattern.

In spite of all this, I have BO5 neck shapings in rows 72 and 73, so I have converged back to Ms Adcock's notes. I am about knit row 74, but it's not clear to me what, if any, difference all of the above will make to the finished article (which I am working in a rather basic acrylic yarn, and treating as a draft version). Can anyone give me some insight into how they handle rows 47 and 59?


  • FWIW, I'm not counting rows - I'm counting stitches. :-)

    I *do* plan to add the 10 stitches for back fullness in the first RS row *after* I have reached 114 stitches, whould would imply row 59 (I think).

    Anyway, for your reference, here's a link to the originating site for the .PDF instructions.


    Good luck!


    By Blogger blopeep, at 2:01 PM  

  • If you're using the same guide I used (the one that blopeep provided the link to) around row 46 stuff stops jiving. The numbers don't match up any more b/c I think the author of the cheat sheet (is that how you even spell cheat?? anyway) it seems counted a WS row, row 46, as not only the place marker row, but an increase row. After this point I used the cheat sheet, but I began to alter it...the row she had marked as 46 ... I used those directions to do my 47th row. Her 47 row numbers matched with my 49th row numbers, her 51st row was my 53rd, and so on.

    After that, when I used EZ's directions and lightly leaned on the cheat sheet I was okay until the very end. I got help from some other people who'd completed theirs, and by then my mother had the DVD. The DVD by Meg Swanson was great. Sorry to write so much...I hope I was able to help. If I can finish one, anyone can:)

    By Blogger I am known by many names...Zel is fine, at 7:33 AM  

  • Row 45: Knit
    Row 46: Knit 22 , Place Marker, Knit 1, Place Marker, Knit 44 , Place Marker, K 1, Place Marker, Knit 22
    Row: 47: Knit to marker , *M1, slip marker, K1, slip marker, M1*, knit to marker and repeat between *’s. Knit to end (94) 23, 46, 23
    Row 55: Repeat row 47 (110) 27, 54, 27
    Row 57: Knit to marker M1, slip marker, K1, slip marker, M1 *K5, M1* 10 Xs, K4 M1, sl m, K1, sl m, M1 , Knit to end (124)
    Or as the pattern says: increase 10 stitches , evenly spaced across center section for BACK FULLNESS.
    Row 58: Knit

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:38 AM  

  • Thank you, all! This is about where I put my BSJ into time out and haven't looked at it in a month. The baby's (born at over 9 lbs.) is going to outgrow it at this rate!
    What's more, I've chosen Paton's Soy Wool Stripes which, while pretty, does not take well to frogging.

    By Blogger Lynn, at 9:35 AM  

  • Well I got to the end, and the thing I had knitted did turn into a baby sweater! I have since got a copy of Meg Swansen's DVD, and she does knit the increase for back fullness in row 59 (not 57). I suspect that this does not make a huge difference, but I tend to be picky about details (I spend too much time with computers). So in conclusion, I have:
    Row 47: K22, M1, K1,M1,K46, M1,K1,M1,K22
    Row 48: Knit 94
    Row 49: K23, M1, K1,M1,K46, M1,K1,M1,K23
    Row 50: Knit 98
    etc, etc
    Row 59: K28, M1, K1, M1, (K5, M1) X 10, K6, M1, K1, M1, K28
    Row 60: Knit 128

    After which things seem to proceed fairly smoothly to the end.

    I haven't seen all the DVD yet, but the bit I have seen is fascinating. I've never seen European knitting before, and I don't dare try it until I have finished the BSJ I am knitting now, in case I confuse myself completely.

    Thanks for all the helpful input.


    By Blogger Melodie Neal, at 2:01 AM  

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