Tuesday, July 24, 2007

where are the patterns?

Hi all,
I stumbled upon Zimmermaniacs last week following a convoluted path through several blogs, and am really intrigued about, particularly, the BSJ garment. There have been a few photos pre-seaming which give the idea of how it's knitted, which has been really interesting, and some of the colour combinations have been superb. (all hail the stash keeper!)
What I'm now interested in is finding out which books/publications have these patterns, so that I can begin the process of acquiring them for my library.
A couple of them are available in Australia, and of course from o/seas, so the difference between books here plus postage, and cheaper books plus airmail probably make them about the same price.
There are 2 available on ebay, but not really cheap (Knitting Workshop and Knitting Around), so I would be really interested in what you think would be the better one for me to get first, as in, which contains the most reasonably easy to achieve items, with a bit of a challenge. (I've been knitting for years, on and off, in spurts - like with all of my interests I seem to go through binges of one thing at a time, but as I get sidetracked I don't usually get much done). Maybe I should change my nickname to "unco-ordiknitted"!
Opinions will be greatly received.


  • knitting workshop has the bsj, the publisher's website is schoolhousepress.com

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:34 PM  

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