Monday, July 23, 2007

My February Sweater (a.k.a. Gull Wing Baby Sweater)

I made my first "Best of all Baby Sweaters" a couple of months ago - this was totally seamless because I knitted the sleeves on circs.

The Apple Green yarn had no band on the ball - it was an Aussie 4 ply so used two strands together. The white was Panda Angoretta 8 ply. The whole thing came out so soft and sweet!

The little green mushroom buttons were a perfect colour match! See?

This is my year for EZ firsts - my first Tomten, my first Adult Surprise Jacket.
I hope to make my first Baby Surplice Sweater and my first Pi Shawl soon.
I have made a gazillion Baby Surprise Sweaters - so I know that these others are going to be just as addictive!


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