Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hey everyone, I'm a new here and posting about my first BSJ.

Despite having been knitting for 33 years now, I only discovered Zimmermann a couple of years ago - she really isn't as well known in the UK as she is in the US.

I'm a knitwear designer myself specialising in Hats and appreciate EZ's logical approach. Am in the middle of writing a book, so discovering that I'm pregnant for the first time gave me the perfect excuse to put the Hats, patterns and sample knitting down and finally knit a BSJ! It was exactly what I needed.

This one will fit a 3-6 month, with a gauge of 22-24sts per inch. Knitted in 4ply & DK oddments from my stash on 3.25mm. I followed the pattern to the word (which is v.unusual for me ;) and am really happy with the result. I may however unpick the last couple of rows and reduce the buttonholes from 5 to 3, so that the bottom half of the jacket sits open.

Next stop, the Tomtem.

Edit:- gauge is 22/24sts to 10cm/4", not an inch - sorry! You can also find more photos here.

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  • It's beautiful! And congratulations on your happy news! Thanks for including the size and yarn used etc. I've never been sure what size the jacket turns out. :) I want to make a big one for me! samm

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:10 PM  

  • so cute. do you have your own brand in yarn??? i think i saw the wooly wormhead name somewhere. isn't this sweater great fun. and it will sure be the same to dress your baby in it.

    By Blogger knititch, at 2:39 PM  

  • It's so beautiful. I love the colors that you chose. Congrats on the new addition to the family.

    By Blogger Amanda, at 3:12 PM  

  • I'm a fan of your blog and I'm pleased to see your lovely BSJ here! :) Do you mean 22-24 wraps per inch? Because 22 stitches per inch would make a BSJ to fit a mouse, methinks. :) Yours is all things lovely! Well done.

    By Blogger sashagregor, at 4:04 PM  

  • The colors are gorgeous! Congrats on the baby and welcome to the delights of EZ!

    By Blogger Peggy, at 4:42 PM  

  • I too am interested to know about the gauge, as I am embarking on a BSJ myself and want it to fit a 1-2 year old size. I'm using about 3.5 st/inch - what do you think?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:45 PM  

  • Oh wow! Gorgeous colour combinations!!!!! Great job!

    By Blogger Linz, at 11:39 PM  

  • oops - 22/24sts to 4"/10cm, not one inch! In the UK we tend to mark gauge to 4" rather than the inch as it's a little more accurate (except with typo's ;)

    No, no, I don't have my own brand of yarn! I just do Hats and more Hats, with the occasional hand-spun when I get time.

    Not sure about gauge for a toddler... check the amount of stitches that would be across the back under the arms, and compare that with the standard chest measurements given by the Yarn Standards Council. HTH!

    By Blogger Woolly Wormhead, at 12:38 AM  

  • Another lovely BSJ! I like the blues.

    By Blogger Carla, at 7:51 AM  

  • I have made one BSJ and only made the buttonholes on one side from the start, though like you I would definitely only make three holes next time.

    I made it with sportweight baby yarn the first time, can't remember my gauge unfortunately, but it came out tiny, probably a 0 - 3 month size.

    I would use a worsted (DK to us Brits) weight next time so it comes out bigger and is less fiddly.

    By Blogger Nicola, at 8:29 AM  

  • Gorgeous colors! And congratulations on the happy news. In your position, I shouldn't worry about ripping back the last few rows to get rid of the buttonholes - I'd just snug them closed with a scrap of yarn. I think you'd never see them.

    By Blogger Sarah / Blue Garter, at 9:39 AM  

  • Congratulations on the pregnancy AND your first BSJ. The Tomten is my favourite and if you like the BSJ, I'm sure you'll love the Tomten. Happy knitting.

    By Anonymous teeweewonders, at 7:08 AM  

  • Gorgeous colors! Beautiful work! I just love it. Congratulations on the baby!

    By Blogger karenthecomputerwife, at 10:50 AM  

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