Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Finished - sort of

The E.Z. seamless hybrid. This was finished but has not been blocked - no need since I am going to rip it down the shoulders yet again. It is just a little too loose in the shoulders. I told my son (the recipient) I could fix it *cough, choke*. It is easier for me to knit a new one than fix one, but I will learn to figure out what is wrong and what to do about it. I hope.


  • Beautiful workmanship--simply beautiful. Only rip if you're sure your son is finished growing?


    By Anonymous Marie, at 6:40 PM  

  • Well it looks gorgeous. Are you sure it needs to be ripped?

    By Blogger Purlygirly, at 8:02 AM  

  • I love how the hem color shows on the turning row, very cool.

    By Blogger Ginger, at 8:10 PM  

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