Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This time in handspun

I have started another Epaulet Jacket and this time in my own handspun. The wool I am using is Romney from a sheep named Hyacinth. It began with a springtime visit to Chris English at Enuff Farm, and some lovely creamy fleece. Brought it home, washed, dried, combed and carded, then spun it up over the last two winters. Romney has a luster and an energy all its own. This is my first project with handspun and it has quite a different feel to millspun.

The pattern for EZ's Epaulet Jacket was printed
in an old copy of Handwoven, and was designed especially for handspun, or so the article states. I have been intrigued with with pattern in the creamy handspun for years. Well, I made the jacket and posted about it here last fall.

Now I am going for the prize, just like in the photo.

In handspun.

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