Sunday, April 08, 2007

More Pi, Anyone?

March 27, 2007

Last April, I bought 2 skeins of Fleece Artist Blue Face 2/8 at the Downtown Knit Collective's Knitters' Frolic.

I knew yarn this beautiful was destined to become shawls, but I had trouble finding a simple pattern that wouldn't detract from the loveliness of the wool. I finally settled on EZ's plain Pi shawl, which would show off the subtlety of the hand-dyed colours.

In the Almanac, EZ points out how the WIP forms a little bag, perfect for holding the ball of working yarn. Indeed!

As it grows, it strikes me how similar this shawl is to blogger Bluestocking's version, here. I can't help but think that the purple skein will turn out to be much like her purple Pi as well.

EDIT: April 8, 2007
It's done. Here it is being modelled by my guitar.

I had to block it twice. The first time, I tried to make it perfectly circular, but it came out wonky. The second time, I pinned out 12 points, so the FO ended up with scallops.

If anyone knows some trick to pinning out a round shawl, please let me know. I'd really like this shawl to have a smooth border, but failing that, I guess I can live with the scallops.



  • now that looks a fun shawl to make..love the way ez tells the story as it grows...

    By Blogger picperfic, at 2:08 PM  

  • I love me anything Fleece Artist!! I have a shawl I made with her discontinued Rapunzel yarn (garter stitched triangle) that I love to just rub my face in. The Rapunzel was similar to Goldilocks and Curlilocks but silkier. BFL is so soft..bet your shawls will be fabulous!

    By Blogger Whaledancer, at 2:53 PM  

  • The shawl's gorgeous and I like the guitar model hehehe.
    Have you read through Eunny Jang's Lace tutorial?
    I don't remember if she discusses round shawls though. I do know that some people draw circles on an old sheet so that they can use that as guide to pin out a circular shawl.
    Try googling Rose of England Shawl or Balmoral Shawl. I know that for one of them there's pictures available with the sheet 'trick'.
    Cheers Eva

    By Blogger EvaLux, at 3:37 PM  

  • That's an entirely beautiful shawl. Wear it in good health. :)

    By Blogger sappmama, at 1:33 PM  

  • It's beautiful! I actually prefer the scallops--it gives it an edge (no pun intended!). Good work!

    By Blogger Jen, at 8:52 AM  

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