Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bogging Onward

I have finally made some progress on the Bog Jacket!* The main knitting of the jacket is complete, and I have, as promised, made up a little pictorial tutorial of how the top of the thing was grafted together.
OK, so basically you're knitting this huge square, and at the point where I added waste yarn (A) I also cast on extra stitches (invisibly, on waste yarn--I messed up that invisible part, tho') so I'd have longer sleeves. This is a shot after I've finished the right side, and am about to do the left:
After I've removed the waste yarn:
All waste yarn is gone, and the live stitches are in the places where they are to be grafted together:
All done!
My grafting isn't exactly the best, but I did my best. I tried to do it without the needles like EZ recommends, but I was not dexterous enough--so I watched the video on garter stitch grafting at KnittingHelp.com (LOVE that site!) and did it that way. I had to readjust afterwards, though.
So, this is quite a bit of grafting, in case you are contemplating making a bog, but it is done easily enough while watching some TV in the evening. Now all that remains is finishing the neck, doing the i-cord edging, and some end-weaving and a zipper!
*This project is in EZ's Knitting Around.
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  • I finally understand how that thing works!
    Thank you for posting the pictures (with the notes).

    By Blogger Allisone, at 4:46 PM  

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