Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Thanks Brooklyn Tweed!

Hello everyone! I have a new love interest...

Oh, it happened innocently enough, roaming the internet, when I least expected it, I saw your Seamless Hybrid WOW! You spoke so passionately about EZ and the Seamless Hybrid process, and I was so intrigued - that I bought Knitting Without Tears.

The next thing I know, I’m caught up in the excitment, and immediately began thinking of my Caribbean Pullover that I started in August as the perfect partner for my first EZ project. I had the hem done, and a couple of inches knit...it was in circulars, and the right measurements - it was serendipity - so my pullover will now become the Saddle-Shoulder sweater in KWOT. I'm in love with EZ's recipes!

I’m adding some waist and bust shaping. The overall pattern is 2×2 rib, with a neat rolled hem that will also be on the cuffs and v-neck. I’m taking advantage of the purl portion of the rib - and did the shaping there. Here’s a picture of the transitions from 2×2 rib - to the diamond shape of decreases in the waist where it transitions into 2×1 rib.

Then, she took a break. I knew I wasn’t going to finish it before my trip two weeks ago - and I needed another shawl to take with me. (Knitters - you know what I mean by need).

Since I was looking at several inches of 2×2 rib - I decided to take this project with me to Europe so that I could knit in the down times. I was able to complete the body up to the point of short row shaping for the bust - which I’m hiding in the purl portion of the rib as well. So here’s where she is now - short rows completed, and just one more inch to knit before I move onto the sleeves.

The FleeceArtist Kid/Silk 2ply is a pleasure to knit with. The colour’s pretty accurate here. It does look like the Caribbean ocean off Anguilla. Here’s proof - this photo taken during our trip this past February.

Thanks again for the diversion! And no surprise - from reading this blog It appears that your Seamless Hybrid has lured many knitters.

Cheers all
~ betseydoodle.ca


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