Monday, October 30, 2006

Prisia Fair Isle

I've begun a new fair isle that I'm naming Prisia. I love the colors, and the pattern. This is either going to be a pullover or a vest. It's going to depend on what it starts looking like as the work progresses. It's coming along nicely. The bottom border was sooooo fun! I love the checkerboard pattern. I crocheted the bottom edging to prevent the dreaded curl. Of course it will block out nice and flat anyway. I've caston 252 stitches for the border, and increased to 288 for the body of the sweater. The pattern is a 24 st. repeat, and pretty easy to memorize. The yarn is shetland. I'm using a size 3 needle. In EZ's OK book, on page 22 and 23 (I think), she gives about 36 or 37 charts that one can use for norwegian ski sweaters. I'm sure though that she intended for us to use them for "any" color pattern knitting. Thank you EZ! Posted by Picasa


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