Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Round The Bend

Since attending Knit Camp in July, I have been almost only knitting EZ patterns. This is the first half of the Round the Bend Jacket from Regal Yarn from Schoolhouse Press. I am anxious to finish each one.

At Knit Camp, in July I was over come with excitement to be able to feel and see sweaters that both Elizabeth and Meg had knit. As I was able to try several on, I was able to say, EZ once wore this and here I am with it's warmth wrapped around me. The feeling is just undescribable.



  • Hi, Penny!
    Your sweater is beautiful! I would love to learn about sweater camp from someone who actually attended. I'm an intermediate knitter - definitely a "work in progress" - and try to learn something new with every project I knit. I would truly appreciate any information you can share about your experience at camp. Is it mostly for very experienced knotters? I would LOVE to attend - just wondering if I have enough experience.
    Thanks so much for your time!
    Knit on!

    By Anonymous Maureen, at 7:30 PM  

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