Thursday, February 28, 2008

Help Needed w/Longies

I pretty good w/EZ, but I'm stumped on the hip increases on the longies. If any of you have time to explain, I'd be so grateful.

First, she says center-back & center-front, but center-back is in the middle of the short row? So does she really mean this, or do the hip increases actually go on either side of the short rows?

Second, she's asking for 30 rows of increases--is that right? It seems like a lot.

Thanks in advance--I'm cloth diapering & have fallen in love with wool--



  • I recently knitted a couple of pair of longies, one as ribbed pants w/o feet and one as a soaker. The short rows are done before the center f/b increases; after you finish the back short rows find the center and begin the increases.
    Once you begin the increases you will find the body of the longings appears very thin and long, but when they are on the baby, they stretch in width to accomodate the baby's bulk and this compensates for what appears to be extra length. Both pair I knit turned out quite nicely; EZ's patterns sometimes arouse the skeptic in us, but she was a genius in design.

    By Anonymous bwilliams, at 5:33 AM  

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