Thursday, April 12, 2007

new beginnings and rasta goes zimmermann

i have been having a bit of flu for the last week and did not have a project going on. so i have swatched and done math. and today i finally decided to use my wild plum yorkshire tweed for a husband sweater for myself. i mean the kind of sweater you would steal from your husband or boyfriend if only you had one. i think i will make it a raglan and i proceeds really fast. all the patterns are from elizabeths books of which i have bought two or three the last month. the opinionated is lovely. i like the very nice colour pictures and all the pictures of cully as a child wearing tomten. it is indeed timeless. me and tomten were both born in 61 and i hope i am timeless as well. .......

another thing i have done lately was to make a rasta tam for an african friend of mine with a very organized 'lice' pattern. hope he will like it.


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