Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Still plugging away

It's been a crazy long time since I've posted any progress but there's not really been anything exciting to show on hubby's seamless hybrid so far. I've been doing more sewing than knitting which has slowed the progress somewhat.
Not to mention that the body of this sweater has fell into a knitting black hole at about the 12" mark, seems I knit for days and days and I still have 12" of body so I'm going to count rounds tonight and do some math to see where I'm really at (I know from experience that the missing knitting will reappear the minute I go to block this and I'll be mad mad mad if I have to frog a bunch of the body). In the meantime I've started a sleeve to at least fool myself into thinking this is getting somewhere.

My son's henley yoked pullover math is done and I got the colourwork pattern I want to use to fit into the available yoke stitches on the first try so it must be meant to be so I'll cast on for that pretty soon. I also picked up a copy of The Opinionated Knitter at my LYS on the weekend and some Lamb's Pride superwash to make a baby surprise jacket for my little guy so I should be getting to that soon too.


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