Friday, November 24, 2006

My favourite flavour of Pi

It's gloomy as anything outside today, but I can't wait to photograph it any longer:

Pattern: Pi Shawl from Knitter's Almanac
Yarn: Fyberspates hand dyed laceweight - 90% wool, 10% nylon
Modifications: Apart from knitting less rounds in the final section than the original pattern specifies, none! The stitch patterns in each section and the edging are all taken from Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls by Martha Waterman, which I really recommend as a source of a good selection of stitch patterns that fit easily into the shawl without having to alter stitch counts!

This is possibly the most beautiful thing I've ever knitted. It was so worth the hours spent knitting the edging which I thought would never be done. EZ has created a fantastic recipe for a shawl that can be as difficult or as easy as you want it to be. Me, I chose easy! I think the delicate yarn and pointy edge - 144 points! - helped to make it something a bit special, though.

Some more closeups:

And the whole thing:

This is going to be so hard to give away as a present, but if my MIL doesn't like it, I won't have any hesitation in taking it right back. :-)


  • WOW!!!! Fabulous

    By Blogger Rose, at 11:58 AM  

  • Breathtaking! I aspire to do one of these someday. Maybe when the children are older and I can find quiet concentration time!

    By Blogger Denise, at 1:20 PM  

  • SO SO pretty you made such a wonderful job of it...if she doesnt like it I will have it :P

    By Blogger Lothlorian, at 1:55 PM  

  • That's just gorgeous! I'm plugging along on the simple pattern feeling I'll never get to the end so this was really nice to see!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:32 PM  

  • Wow! You are going to become her favorite daughter in law! That shawl is breathtaking.

    By Blogger Sarah, at 7:59 AM  

  • Very very very pretty!

    By Blogger nat, at 6:41 PM  

  • Absolutely beautiful!

    Warning, lace is addictive! I'm in the planning stages of shawl number 4 (the EZ one I posted in my intro post, the 'Basic Black / Widow's Shawl' from Folk Shawls, Leaf Lace from Fibertrends... Next up Icarus, I think)

    By Blogger Karla (ThreadBndr), at 7:01 PM  

  • Wow! It is stunning!

    By Blogger the daily purl, at 8:15 PM  

  • Stunning! how could she not like it! The knitting is so careful and lovely and the colors just sing (makes me wish I could shop with them!). You should be very pleased with yourself!

    By Blogger Karen, at 5:22 AM  

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