Thursday, November 16, 2006

First EZ items finished

First up is a grey watchcap:

Pattern: Brioche Stitch Watchcap from Knitting without Tears
Yarn: 2 strands of Patons Classic Wool Merino, Colour 00225 Dark Grey Mix
Needles: Knitpicks Options US 11 (8mm)

(Note: Contrary to what the picture shows, the hat is not flat on top when worn on my head. The candle in the candle-holder, while a perfectly agreeable model, does suffer from being flat on top. I do not.)

I actually finished this hat a couple of weeks ago (when it was cold, before a mild, rainy, grey spell hit) and I seriously love this hat. I love the pattern. I love knitting it. I love wearing it. I made a
red one a while back for Dulaan and decided to make one for myself. Are there others in my future? You betchya! I may even make a brioche stitch scarf to match the hat.

And next, my very first Tomten for Dulaan:

Pattern: Modular Tomten Jacket from Knitting without Tears
Modifications: Stripes and a crocheted edging up the front pieces and around the hood to make ties
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool (beige, lt blue, dk blue, red)

Needles: Knitpicks Options 4mm

This is so easy to make, and so very very cute. I didn’t have enough of one colour, so I added stripes. The size of the stripes was in direct relation to the amount of each colour I had on hand. I totally eyeballed it, and hoped I wouldn’t run out of any one colour. I didn’t. I still need to add in a zipper, and I may even line it with fleece to make it even warmer. I’m also thinking of adding the red crocheted edging around the bottom and sleeves.

I'm really happy with both items, and I will definitely making more EZ stuff. I also find she's influencing me in other ways.
For example, while I was making the sweater, I noticed that I had miscounted the ridges on one of the front sides, so they mismatched. Now, in the past I would have ripped it out and fixed it. Instead, I snipped, undid the row, knit an extra ridge and grafted the whole thing back together (Photos here and here on my blog)


  • You tomten looks great! fleece inside would certainly make it warm..

    By Blogger Betsey, at 5:19 AM  

  • Great job! I never would have thought to double the Patons for that hat - I am trying to reduce my stash and have plenty of that yarn on hand!

    By Blogger Mary Beth, at 5:25 AM  

  • Very nice! Love your tomten!

    By Anonymous tiennie, at 8:37 AM  

  • Great hat and I love the Tomten! Good for you for trying a new technique to fix a problem :)

    By Blogger Joie | la dilettante tricoteuse, at 10:03 AM  

  • that is such a special sweater. Even in the California heat, I'd want one!

    By Blogger Wendy, at 11:29 PM  

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