Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Great Blue Socks!

Ta-da! Took me long enough, but I've finally got some socks to show.

It's hard to talk up socks when everyone else has been producing fantastic sweaters. But even the socks show the touch of Elizabeth Zimmerman. Her pattern specifies having a few stitches of garter stitch on each edge of the heel-flap, and I think it's a subtle way to add a little interest to a simple sock.

The pattern recipe, by the way, is from Knitting Without Tears. I used the conventional heel. Fit is pretty good, and I think the errors have to do with my being a novice sock knitter and not knowing how to fit a sock just so. My main issue is that the socks are a wee bit too short in the leg - any advice for how to lenghten after the socks are otherwise finished?

Neverthless, this is a quick and simple way to get a dose of Elizabeth Zimmerman! A few more details are on my blog


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