Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Moccasin Socks

I'd like to add to the chorus of thank-yous to Jessica and Sarah for organizing this: I hope it runs forever, it's brilliant, I'm loving every bit of it already.

I've made a few EZ-related projects in the past, photos of which have been posted to the Flickr group. This morning, I've started a pair of Moccasin "thockies," a project I've had on my mind for ages. I'm using Peace Fleece in (I think) Siberian Midnight, on US7 needles (this gives me a gauge of 4.5 rather than 5 sts/in, but I'm following the pattern in Knitting Around exactly, as I want a bigger size for my husband anyway).

I'm making both the legs at the same time on a Magic Loop, as this part is so boring that I was afraid I wouldn't start the second one if I did them separately. I'll do the foot parts separately, though, I think.

As I knit along on this initial boring part, I'm very much enjoying re-reading the "Digressions" from Knitting Around (for the fourth or fifth time). I just love hanging out with Elizabeth (since that's what it feels like), it's a fascinating story, and I'm so in love with those dogs!! If you've seen the book, you know the dogs I mean. Someday, when I live somewhere other than a small apartment, I'm going to get a dog like that.

Anyway, I meant it when I said I hope this KAL lasts forever. The list of EZ projects I've had in mind recently, without looking at the books again and thinking up a dozen more, includes: a ganomy hat, a pi shawl, a pi rug (why not?), a hybrid sweater in Peace Fleece, a traditional seamless yoke sweater, a lace moebious scarf thingy, that red Fair Isle sweater that had one sleeve showing on the cover of the old edition of Knitting Without Tears, that she gave a recipe for in a later book, and...oh, so many things!

Thanks again, guys!


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