Saturday, February 17, 2007

Seamless Saddle-Shoulder

I am now the proud owner, as well, of a seamless EZ sweater. This is the saddle shoulder; I like the square shapes of the decreases and the neck opening. The yarn is Plymouth Suri Merino color 687 (the perfect bottle green). 55% suri alpaca, 45% extra fine merino wool. It's fuzzy and soft and has little wisps of gold in it, all of which I love.

I agree with everyone else's rapture over the simple elegance of the design. Having done this once, now, I feel I can do it again with all kinds of modifications and it will be a trustworthy base for any number of ornamentations. This was my first time with a hem, with attaching sleeves and knitting a sweater in the round, and with grafting (scary, but okay in the end). It was all good. More thoughts are on my blog. Here are some pictures:

The sleeves look long in this photo, but they are actually fine now; we just had a little temporary stretching issue in the blocking process.

The shoulder and back decreases sounded confusing when I read ahead in the pattern, but once I got there they were really easy.


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